I feel that Jane Barone’s report documenting the events that occurred at the defense medical examination (DME) was an important factor in helping bring my client’s case to a satisfactory conclusion prior to trial. The defendant knew that if the matter went to trial its medical expert was not going to have a free pass when testifying as to what clinical tests he performed, how my client performed on those tests, and what complaints and answers my client voiced in response to the expert’s questions.
— William Pessel, Esq. Princeton, NJ
You did a magnificent job of organizing voluminous hospital records, analyzing them for evidence of pain and suffering, and preparing a detailed chronology of the events following my client’s cardiac arrest. You promised to have the job completed by a certain date, and you actually did so even a little earlier. You were responsive to my calls, and demonstrated a clear understanding of the medicine involved. I will use your services again, and will certainly recommend you to others. The issues that you dealt with were difficult and complex, but the Notebook that you put together was easy to read and impressed the mediator. The case resolved for a confidential amount, but I can assure you that my clients were very satisfied under difficult circumstances.
— Jack Wurgaft, Esq. Springfield NJ
My partner and I recently settled a fall-down case for 1.35 million dollars in which the Plaintiff suffered from ‘failed back’ syndrome after multiple back injections and fusion surgery. Jane Barone accompanied our client to multiple DMEs including an exam by the defense neurologist who is well known by the Plaintiff’s Bar as being ‘difficult’ and abrasive to Plaintiffs. Our client was quite comforted by Ms. Barone’s presence and her professionalism while monitoring and taking detailed notes of the exam. The report I received from the defense attorney was quite neutral and didn’t include the usual misstatements and selective factual reporting that I have received on other cases from that doctor. Additionally, Ms Barone prepared a fantastic ‘pain and suffering report’ that painstakingly detailed all my client’s complaints and treatment history. The report was placed front and center in our settlement brochure and was used extensively during mediation. I have utilized Nurse Barone on many cases, and I highly recommend her services.
— Douglas D. Burgess, Esq. Newark NJ
Your meticulous review of my clients’ medical records in cases with substantial pre-existing injuries and your summaries were invaluable in helping me analyze their injuries, allowing me to know what can and cannot be proven and rendering my ability to prepare for depositions and trial much simpler. Your prompt and comprehensive work allowed me to do the best job possible for my clients.”

”Your summary of Mr. ——-‘s psychological exam had the unexpected benefit of helping me anticipate avenues of examination at my client’s deposition.
— Fred Rabinowitz, Esq. Clifton NJ
Since my first phone call to you on this case to the receipt of the expert report, I have been very impressed with the manner, efficiency, professionalism and style with which the matter has been handled by your organization. I look forward to bringing the case to a successful conclusion as a result of the prompt and professional way this has been handled by you.
— James Hely, Esq. Mountainside NJ
Jane Barone R.N. is the BEST (at attending defense medical examinations). She does a very thorough job and makes the DME doc watch his P’s and Q’s.
— David Affinito, Esq. Orange NJ
Medi-Law Solutions has proficiency in conducting client interviews, accumulating all necessary medical records, conducting medical research, evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the potential case and preparing a memo discussing the case and providing a recommendation as to whether or not a case should be pursued.
— Alan Y. Medvin, Esq. Newark NJ
Medi-Law Solutions is expert at preparing medical chronologies for personal injury cases. These summaries are helpful in preparing for depositions, settlement and trial. I have also requested nurses to attend DME’s. Having a nurse present, gives my client the best opportunity to get a good report.
— Harvey Frutcher Kenilworth, NJ
As you know, I settled Sam’s dog bite case for over $500,000 and want to thank you for your contribution to that success. Sam was first unconscious in ICU and then heavily sedated due to pain for a long period after the attack, and your chronology really brought home that he was at death’s door for while there. It was invaluable. You gave a voice to what was really happening to him – events to which he could not testify himself. Sam’s accent, as nice a guy as he is, could have been an encumbrance in relating all the subsequent medical history effectively, so your timeline was always there to back him up. Also, your attending the defense medical and psychological exams was a huge help and leveled the playing field for Sam. When the defense plastic surgeon agreed with everything our plastic surgeon wrote, it was especially gratifying. Thanks again for your part in getting Sam properly compensated for this horrendous incident.
— Francis M. Smith Mountainside, NJ
Jane provided an invaluable service of accompanying my client to her defense examinations, observed the defense doctors perform said examinations for not only what tests were performed but what tests were not performed which provided me with additional leverage in the negotiation process. Jane was a critical component to the success of the case.
— Robert B. Linder Englewood, NJ
Your pain and suffering summary and medical treatment chronology was a great help to me because whenever I prepare a mediation or arbitration memorandum, I like to itemize all treatment received and highlight all information in the medical records which substantiate the client was in pain or suffered some form of discomfort in cases in which my client’s treatment is complex and the records consist of thousands of pages. I do not have the time to do this myself. I actually edit and used portions of your comprehensive report in my memorandum.
— Lori E. Zeid Cherry Hill, NJ
The neuro/psych is completed. Two very long intense exams but I am done. Jane is worth her weight and your weight in GOLD. Like a peaceful calm river. She immediately puts me at ease. Thank you!
— Client of Andrew Statmore Clifton, NJ