Legal Nurse Consulting Service


Screen Cases for Merit

We assess adherence to standards of care, negligence, causation and damages. We identify elements of negligence to including breach of duty, causation and damages. Strengths and weaknesses of the case are identified. The report provides a cost efficient review of the case issues and includes pertinent research, overall case assessment, and recommendations.

Provide Medical Records Summary and Analysis

This report is a chronological table layout of pertinent information from the medical records with or without analytical comments. Relevant research and definitions of medical terms, abbreviations and medications are included along with analysis of key issues and recommendations for further discovery. Records are assessed for completeness. Other discoverable items such as x-rays and pathology material are identified. A summary and recommendations are included. The chronology without analysis may be used by the expert to decrease time spent reviewing the case and records.

Product Liability Case Reviews

Medi-Law Solutions provides a comprehensive work product that is tailored to the product in question.  We provide a summary of the medical facts of the case, highlight crucial medical information, and identify additional information required. The review and summary also includes a pre-exposure medical history and other product usage.

Attend Independent/Defense Medical Examinations

A registered nurse will attend and observe the DME and provide a written report of her observations.  The RN will

  • verify the time of the exam 
  • your client’s reaction 
  • the physician’s role in the exam
  • tests performed during the exam

You and your client will have a knowledgeable witness at time of trial.

Medi-Law Solutions Nurses Are Available To Attend Dmes In The New Jersey, New York And The Philadelphia Areas.

Pain and Suffering Reports

Strengthen your case for settlement with a report that outlines your client’s pain and suffering in detail.  We will provide a customized chart or narrative of your client’s pain and suffering from the time of incident to the present.

Research Appropriate Medical Literature

We can thoroughly research health care issues using medical libraries and online research.  Research articles are current and timely in reference to the event.  The articles are from peer reviewed journals and textbooks. We provide both pro and con research so you are not blindsided by unknown issues. Full texts of the articles can be retrieved and summarized.

Prepare Medical Timelines

A medical timeline allows you to clearly see the order of events in your case.   Timelines are customized to your particular case and issue.  The timeline can be used as an exhibit at time of trial.

Review Interrogatories, Deposition Summaries, and Prepare Questions for Depositions

Medi-Law Solutions can review interrogatories and depositions and provide summaries of this information. Pertinent questions relating to the relevant medical issues can be developed for assistance during the deposition process.

Interview Clients

A Registered Nurse familiar with interviewing clients can save you time and money by obtaining the relevant information to determine whether or not this is a case that you want to pursue.